Lee and Eastes
Tank Lines was founded in 1923 by George Eastes and Art Lee. When the two partners joined their interests and started with just one truck, they could not have stretched their wildest imaginations to include the tremendous development ahead of them. The company as well as the country forged steadily ahead.

As we begin our 80th year we are still a family run business with the third generation of the Eastes family operating the company
Lee and Eastes transports bulk commodities in the eleven Western states. We have dedicated jet fuel, aviation gasoline and lube oil equipment as well as refined petroleum and liquid asphalt units. We offer reliable efficient service with well trained drivers in first-class equipment. Our terminals are located in Seattle, Pasco and Spokane Washington as well as Portland Oregon.

That Lee & Eastes has been able to gain and maintain an enviable position of leadership has been due to sound management and direction, to loyal employees and hard work on the part of everyone.

Lee & Eastes pledges continued emphasis on the things that have built this organization since 1923.

We pledge:

To the public: a continuing study and effort behind our safety program

To our employees: fairness, understanding, and a continued share in our success

To our customers: an efficient expedited service with courtesy and thoughtfulness of primary importance.

A team you can call on for the finest possible service.